Watch: 'Siege of the Capitol' TikTok video goes viral on social media

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Screengrab from a TikTok video shared on Twitter showing thousands of Trump supporters clashing with police.
  • Video has been tweeted by American radio personality and author Matt Jones
  • Video shows thousands of Trump supporters attacking police at the Capitol Hill
  • Four deaths have taken place and 52 arrests made for the 'siege of the Capitol Hill'

A TikTok video of yesterday's clash between police and President Trump supporters at the Capitol Hill has gone viral on the internet. 

The video, shared by an American radio personality and author Matt Jones, went viral on the internet. The video garnered more than 5.5k retweets and more than 10k likes. 

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Jones did not film the footage, rather he shared the widely-circulated video on TikTok to his followers on Twitter. The video shows thousands of Trump supporters, holding flags, pushing away barriers to assault police officers and making their way past the hurdles into the building. 

"This video of the siege of the Capitol on TikTok is crazy and different than I had seen," he tweeted. 

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The wider angle of the clip helps the viewer see thousands of Trump supporters spread over a large area, as opposed to most videos of the protest that can be seen on social media which do not provide such a wide angle. 

Unprecedented scenes of mob violence unfolded in Washington on Wednesday in what observers described as an attack striking at the very heart of American democracy.

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Encouraged by US President Donald Trump's inflammatory rhetoric regarding the validity of the 2020 US election results, armed mobs broke into the United States Capitol — the equivalent of Parliament House, the building where the US House of Representatives and Senate (Congress) meet — vandalising the most central symbol of American democracy.

The attack forced Congress to postpone a session that would have certified President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.