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Saturday Jan 23 2021
Web Desk

Bernie Sanders breaks silence on viral picture

Web Desk

  • Bernie Sanders says he was not aware he was going viral
  • Vermont senator says he was trying to keep warm
  • The Senator's picture at inauguration had triggered memes 

On January 20th, Senator Bernie Sanders became teary-eyed seeing Joe Biden taking the oath, but it wasn’t his tears that caught the people’s attention but the way he sat during the inauguration ceremony became an instant hit globally, especially his mittens.

A picture of the veteran politician sitting at the inauguration with his mittens became fodder for the netizens as memes flooded the internet showing him sitting at different places in the same pose.

“I was at the inauguration yesterday [Wednesday] and I was in tears seeing the new president getting sworn and the old president leaving Washington,” said Bernie Sanders when he spoke to Late Night TV show host Seth Meyers.

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When Meyers asked the senator whether he knew about the memes, Sanders responded in the affirmative saying he had “heard” about it. He also admitted that he had no idea about his picture tuning into a meme.

“I was just sitting there trying to keep warm, trying to pay attention to what was going on,” Sanders explained when Meyers asked him about what he was doing at that moment. He also shared that the memes were shared with him by his staff.