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Tuesday Apr 06 2021
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Benedict Cumberbatch says he will 'plead' with Biden to shut down Guantanamo

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Benedict Cumberbatch detailed how he learned about the Guantanamo Bay while producing 'The Mauritanian'

Celebrated British star Benedict Cumberbatch is demanding the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention camp by President of the United States Joe Biden.

While talking to The Independent, the Sherlock star detailed how he got learn about the Guantanamo Bay while producing and starring in The Mauritanian, based on Mohamedou Ould Slahi’s 2015-released memoir Guantánamo Diary.

Asked if he hopes the detention camp will close down in the future by Biden, the Doctor Strange actor said: “Hoping? I’m going to plead with the guy. It is a huge spend. It’s the most expensive prison on earth. And what are the results? Where are the prosecutions? That’s just being really brutally economic about it, it just doesn’t work.”

“And then you have the human rights issue. It’s an atrocious own goal, I think for the free world to be incarcerating people through extraordinary rendition, torturing them and extracting confessions they think are then usable in prosecution…it is a really dangerous, unnecessary, and ineffectual place, I think, and enough people have suffered there,” Cumberbatch said.

Earlier in February, the Biden administration had announced its “goal and intention” to shut down Guantanamo Bay by the end of the four-year term.