Wednesday Jun 09 2021
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Tom Hiddleton talks about ‘Loki’ as he marks 10 years since bagging the Marvel role

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Hollywood star Tom Hiddleston opened up about his role in Disney+ series Loki and his experience working with Owen Wilson.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the High-Rise star, 40, opened up about the complexities of his character in the Marvel show and how he has been holding the role dearly since the past decade.

"It's been a source of constant surprise and delight that I have played this character for so long," said Hiddleston upon the premiere of his show, which coincided with the 10-year anniversary of 2011-released Thor.

"I had no idea when I auditioned that I would be sat here 10 years down the road and still doing it,” he shared.

"Loki is so complex, so every time I come back to play him, I'm, like, 'All right, let's have a look at this bit.' He's got all of these little interesting facets and aspects to him. I feel quite lucky that I am able to just keep digging,” he continued.

Speaking about the show, Hiddleston said: "[The show is] the exploration of reality and identity. It's a question of, Are we the captains of our own destiny? Are we masters of our own fate? Do we have free will? Or are we just rolling down tracks that have been laid out for us? Is there such a thing as true agency? Can we make our own choices?”

“And if you can, then you have to take responsibility for those choices and that's how you, in turn, start creating different realities. Sorry to get a little deep there, but it kind of is about that!" he added.

Regarding the on-screen chemistry between his character and that of costar Owen Wilson, Hiddleston teased: "They have this odd couple chemistry where they need each other, but they're not sure if they can trust each other. They're both playing chess with each other and you see where it goes."