Wednesday Jul 14 2021

Another woman says she was harassed, blackmailed by Usman Mirza

Another woman says she was harassed, blackmailed by Usman Mirza

  • Another victim of Usman Mirza contacts Geo News. 
  • Says Mirza blackmailed and harassed her for a long time.
  • The victim reported Mirza to the FIA's cybercrime wing, but no action was taken. 

Another victim of Autoland co-owner Usman Mirza has spoken up, saying Mirza harassed and blackmailed her.

Mirza has been arrested by the Islamabad police along with his six accomplices for harassing and assaulting a young couple in Islamabad. He reportedly has a history of harassing women.

"Usman Mirza had been harassing me for quite some time," a woman from Rawalpindi told Geo News. "Usman Mirza sent me my home address and mobile number on social media."

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The woman said Mirza told her that he had all her personal information. She said he had threatened that if she did not become friends with him, he will show up at her home.

The victim said Mirza had blackmailed and threatened her for a long time. She also revealed that she had filed a complaint with the FIA's Cyber ​​Crime Cell, Rawalpindi against the accused, but the anti-cybercrime body did not take any action on her request.

On June 8, Prime Minister Imran Khan took notice of a social media video of a couple being harassed. The disturbing video kicked up outrage on social media with #ArrestUsmanMirza becoming one of the top trends on Twitter.

In the unsettling video, Mirza can be seen violently thrashing and harassing the young couple in a room full of other men.