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Sunday Aug 01 2021
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Incredible dog that can paint wows the internet

Web Desk
Screenshot from video by my_aussie_gal/TikTok
Screenshot from video by my_aussie_gal/TikTok

  • The video has gained over 76 million views and 280,000 comments. 
  • The dog, Secret, selects colours and holds paintbrushes in his mouth. 
  • Many have expressed disbelief at the video. 

An Australian Tik-Toker’s pet has gone viral, with the internet swooning over the dog’s artistic capabilities, reported Mirror

Mary, a TikTok star, uploaded a video to showcase her pet pooch’s artistic capabilities on July 18 which soon went viral and now has over 76 million views, millions of likes and over 280,000 comments.

Mary originally uploaded the artwork painted by her dog, Secret, and later uploaded a video of Secret creating the painting, to the internet’s shock.

In the video, the dog can be seen selecting colours and holding paintbrushes in his mouth to paint a flower.

The artwork is surprisingly good, with a complete blue background, a green stem, and a yellow flower.

While many are praising Secret’s capabilities, several people have expressed disbelief.

One TikTok user said, “Am I tripping? Or did I actually witness a dog paint a flower?”

Another asked how the dog selected the right colours. A third user added, “Does anyone else think this is too good to be true?”

Quite a lot have expressed disbelief saying someone else is helping the dog. 

Nevertheless, the dog’s cute and creative video has captured many people’s hearts.