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Tuesday Aug 03 2021
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WATCH: Orangutan puts on sunglasses after they fall into her enclosure

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An orangutan tried on a pair of glasses after a zoo visitor accidentally dropped them in her enclosure, at the Taman Safari park in Bogor, Indonesia, Daily Mail reported.

As soon as the woman's glasses fell, the orangutan, who was carrying a baby, grabbed a hold of them.

"I was leaning over to look at some orangutans on the bottom of the enclosure when my sunglasses fell off my head," Park visitor Olita Tetsu said.

"After a couple of minutes one of the mama orangutans came over and picked up the glasses and the rest is on camera!"

The orangutan, unaware of what to do with the glasses in her hand, first put them in the mouth, but a few moments later, she figured out the function of the shades and placed them on her face.

As the orangutan was putting the glasses in her mouth, Tetsu reacted: "Oh no, don't eat them."

But only a minute after playing with the glasses, the large ape threw them outside the enclosure, in what seemed to be an act of returning the woman's glasses.