GSV served notice for entering pact with PFF's Ashfaq group

The Ashfaq group of the PFF had earlier this week announced that they’ve entered a partnership with Global Soccer Venture to kick off a franchise-based football league

Faizan Lakhani
GSV served notice for entering pact with PFFs Ashfaq group

Karachi: The Normalization Committee of Pakistan Football Federation has sent a legal notice to the company that has recently entered an agreement with Ashfaq Hussain group of PFF for organizing a franchise-based football league.

The chairman of the FIFA-appointed Normalization Committee confirmed to Geo News that they’ve sent the legal notice and it was done to protect the legal rights of the Pakistan Football Federation.

“The FIFA and the PSB have clarified that the Normalization Committee alone is the legal representative of football affairs in Pakistan. Any other party than NC does not have the right to enter any agreement on behalf of PFF,” Haroon Malik said.

Malik was appointed as chairman of the PFF normalization committee by FIFA earlier this year after his predecessor Humza Khan had resigned from the position. However, in May, the group led by Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah – who was earlier elected as PFF president on elections held on Supreme Court’s order – took over the charge from him, allegedly forcibly.

The Ashfaq group had earlier this week announced that they’ve entered a partnership with Global Soccer Venture to kick off a franchise-based football league.

However, Haroon Malik has warned GSV against entering any agreement with Ashfaq Hussain.

Geo News has obtained a copy of the notice sent by Haroon Malik via their legal representative to the CEO of GVS, Zabe Khan.

“It is brought to your notice that illegal faction is headed by Mr Syed Ashfaq Hussain who is neither the chairman of PFF nor has any authority to enter into any such agreement on behalf of PFF. It is not a legitimate body and has no authority. Any agreement entered is thus illegal and against the law. PFF headed by our client [Haroon Malik] which is recognized by FIFA remains the only legitimate body to represent Pakistan Football both in Pakistan and internationally,” reads the notice sent by Kilam Law consultants on behalf of the Normalization Committee.

“You are hereby instructed to distance yourself from the illegal faction and revoke any agreement (if entered), failing to which you will be liable to all the loss that will accrue to our client. We have been therefore strictly instructed by our clients to initiate all legal recourse of action against you for damages, loss of reputation, damage to Pakistan Football or its players before all competent forums of law,” the notice warned.

“We expect a formal reply within a period of 7 days to learn about your stance,” it added.

Earlier, on Wednesday, Zabe Khan had told Geo News that his company was committed to change the ecosystem of Pakistan Football and they were not part of any internal politics of PFF.

“We plan to pay our footballers an amount from around $3,000 to $10,000 per season, something that they’ve never made before,” he had said.

Zabe Khan has confirmed receiving the notice from the Normalization Committee.