Sunday Aug 29 2021
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Watch: Afghan Taliban operate US helicopters and military vehicles

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  • In one video, Taliban members are seen taking pictures on a Humvee. 
  • In the other video, the Taliban could be seen surveying Bagram Air Base while sitting in a US military helicopter. 
  • Taliban have "seized" the American weapons and equipment, the tweet says. 

Another unusual video of the Taliban has gone viral on social media where members of the group can be seen sitting in a US military "Humvee" (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle). 

The Humvee is a light, four-wheel military truck primarily used by the United States military. The 23-second video posted on Twitter has garnered quite a bit of attention. 

In the video, US military vehicles could be seen standing in an open field, while a Taliban member could be seen taking photos of himself as he sat in the vehicle. 

In the same video, two more members of the group were spotted looking at the US military vehicles. 

The caption of the post states that the Taliban were driving the US military vehicles. The tweet further said that the Taliban have "seized" the American weapons and equipment which are considered the best in the world. 

"This may not have happened anywhere else in the world," the tweet states. 

In another video shared by the same account, the Taliban could be seen inspecting the Bagram Air Base while sitting in a helicopter. 

The caption of the tweet added that Bagram was once the largest US military base where Taliban leaders were also imprisoned. 

Previously, similar videos gained popularity on social media ever since the Taliban took over Kabul on August 15. 

In the videos, the Taliban could be seen exercising on modern machines within the presidential palace, as well as, enjoying rides at an amusement park and eating ice cream.