Monday Sep 20 2021

Despite career-best performance, Kanza Malik, Asma Jan finish last in cycling championship

— Photo by author
— Photo by author

KARACHI: Both female cyclists from Pakistan — Kanza Malik and Asma Jan — were at the bottom of the result sheets after the women’s elite individual time trial event in World Road Cycling Championship in Flanders, Belgium.

A total of 49 cyclists from different countries participated in the event, Kanza finished 48th, while Asma finished 49th in the 30.3km race. However, both displayed their career-best speeds during the championship.

Kanza completed the distance within the timing of 50:54.07 at an average speed of 35.716kmh. She was 14 minutes and 48.7 seconds behind the top cyclist Dijk van Ellen of the Netherlands.

This was her personal best speed in 30.3km individual time trial events with previously reaching the best speed of 34.2kmh.

Asma Jan, the cyclist from Karachi, finished last – 49th position – after completing the distance in 51 minutes and 49.31 seconds. Her average speed throughout the competition was 35.082kmh. Her previous best speed was 30.6kmh.

— Photo by author
— Photo by author

This was the first time for Pakistani women in World Cycling Championship and the team’s manager Shoaib Nizami feels that it was an important learning experience for the players.

He added that players have showcased their personal bests during the championship and it highlights the importance of frequent events at home.