Thursday Oct 07 2021
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Ali Gul Pir urges people to 'respect restaurant staff' after desi Karen video goes viral

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Screengrabs via Twitter/@aligulpir
Screengrabs via Twitter/@aligulpir

Renowned Pakistani comedian and singer Ali Gul Pir on Thursday took to Twitter and urged people to respect restaurant staff and get vaccinated before going to eat out. 

Gul Pir's tweet came in response to a viral video featuring a woman, popularly referred to as "desi Karen" on social media, who could be seen arguing and misbehaving with restaurant staff after they asked her to show a coronavirus vaccine certificate.

It should be noted that the government of Pakistan has mandated people to produce a vaccination certificate if they wish to enjoy dine-in services at restaurants.

The comedian uploaded a funny parody of the original video and wrote: "When desi Karen learns a new word VIOLATION and decides to defy law and go dine in without showing a vaccination card", he wrote.

"BUT SERIOUSLY GUYS, treat restaurant staff with respect and go dine in but get vaccinated first, it’s the law".

'Desi Karen' throws a tantrum, refuses to show vaccination card at restaurant

An argument arose between a customer and staffers at a restaurant in the metropolis after the customer refused to wear a mask or show her vaccination certificate.

In a video doing rounds on social media, the customer — who claimed to be a human rights activist — accused the restaurant staff of "violating her constitutional right" after they asked her to show her vaccination certificate.

In the viral video, the customer — who stood inside the restaurant without wearing a mask — could be seen shouting at one of the staffers for "trying to invade her medical privacy" by asking for a vaccination certificate.

The customer could also be seen filming the restaurant staff with her phone as she spoke and called one of the staffers an "idiot" for wearing a mask.

The restaurant staff, as seen in the video, repeatedly told the customer that they were asking for the vaccination certificate as per the government's mandated coronavirus Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). However, it fell on deaf ears as the disgruntled customer stormed out of the restaurant. 

Murtaza Wahab praises restaurant staff for 'doing the right thing'

Following the incident, Karachi administrator Murtaza Wahab took to Twitter and appreciated the restaurant staffer, Asad, for "doing the right thing and standing up against such rude behaviour."

"I was a fan of your sandwiches and now also a fan of your calm assertiveness," Senator Wahab wrote.