Wednesday Nov 10 2021
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Sania Mirza entertains fans with hilarious video featuring Shoaib Malik

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Screengrabs from Sanias latest video
Screengrabs from Sania's latest video

Indian tennis star Sania Mirza, who is married to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik, Tuesday shared yet another Instagram reel to entertain her fans.

Besides her popularity as an international star player, Sania is well known for her interesting and funny videos that keep her Instagram followers hooked.

In the recent Instagram reel, Sania acts on a audio clip involving an advice that says "always keep away from those who don't value you".

The video opens up with Sania acting as she is listening to someone who is advising her to steer clear of people who don't value her.

The most interesting part of the video comes when Sania demonstrates expressions of worry and disappointment as she lip-syncs on the response to the advice in the audio — saying, "she lives in the same house with them [people who don't value her]".

This follows with Sania turning the camera towards her hubby who has no idea that it is him who is being jokingly referred to in the video.