Monday Jan 17 2022
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Queen 'holds cards' in matter over Prince Harry's security

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While the Queen is said to hold no real power over the Home Office’s decision to not allow Prince Harry to pay for police protection in the UK, the monarch could be of some help.

According to royal expert Marlene Koenig, the monarch could provide her own input over the matter as pull some strings to allow Harry to make his visit to the UK. 

She added that the Queen would prefer to not have "another dagger" in her Jubilee celebrations and so she would avoid the situation by allowing the Duke of Sussex to get some form of clearance. 

She wrote on Twitter: "My view: I think Harry’s issue will be handled outside of a judicial review that he and his family will receive appropriate protection regarding the Jubilee.

"The Queen doesn’t need another dagger in the celebration so why not say yes.

"It’s not the Queen’s decision but she has input and can advise that having Harry and his family is important to her because she has stressed several times that they are still family.

"Yes they will be grumbles on both sides but let’s look at the bigger picture.

"The Queen holds the cards in this matter, not Harry."