Tuesday Jan 18 2022
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Netizens praise Zainab Abbas for showing respect to Mohammad Rizwan during interview

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Sports commentator Zainab Abbas and Pakistans cricketer Muhammad Rizwan. — Twitter
Sports commentator Zainab Abbas and Pakistan's cricketer Muhammad Rizwan. — Twitter 

Twitter users praised sports commentator Zainab Abbas by calling her a “true professional” for respecting and changing her position to make Pakistan’s cricketer Mohammad Rizwan comfortable during an interview at a dinner hosted by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

In the pictures, Abbas could be seen standing behind the cricketer, away from his sight while interviewing him. During the ceremony, Rizwan was hesitant to talk while directly facing Abbas, which led to her conducting the interview from behind.

Twitterati appreciated this action and called her a "true professional for adjusting her place, making it easy for Rizwan to talk."

Take a look at some of the tweets. 

A few days ago, Rizwan had revealed that the reason why he never clicks pictures with ladies during an interview. 

When asked why is he so shy around women, Rizwan said: "It is not about being shy but some things are personal and every player has their own personal [reasons]."

He said that he respects women a lot and doesn't consider himself "worthy" of being photographed with "mothers and sisters" even if they ask for it.

"The worth of these women is very high to me and I wish that mothers and sisters who are my fans would not be offended by this," Rizwan said.