Thursday Jan 27 2022
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Prince Andrew labeled 'entitled' after shocking allegations unearthed

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A number of Prince Andrew’s former staff came out and unearthed shocking allegations against the Duke of York.

Many claimed that the Duke acted terribly and consequently he was met with criticism, which amplified due to his involvement in a sexual abuse scandal.

In a similar fashion, broadcaster Jane Moore, while writing for The Sun launched a scathing attack saying that Andrew can "arguably be judged as an entitled [expletive]".

She drew her comments in relation to Prince Harry's ongoing security row. 

"Commonly known as spare-not-heiritis. Prince Harry appears to suffer from it too," she wrote. 

She quoted a Government source as saying: "Other minor royals manage to function in normal life without armed guards. The Home Office is refusing to blink."

Moore said: "Minor royals. Ouch.

"That quietly damning throwaway line removes Harry from the inner sanctum of the monarchy and plonks him among the outer echelons who largely fend for themselves. And it must bite.

"But he chose to make his bed in Los Angeles and now he must lie in it."

Moore added: "So, just like his entitled 'spare not heir' uncle Andrew, is Harry going to continue riding the coat-tails of the monarchy while making lots of 'look at me' noise and throwing his toys out of the pram?

"Or is he going to come good and become a self-made millionaire through his own hard work and creativity?

"Right now, it’s not looking very promising."