'Majority MPs upset with govt, some might've taken money,' PTI leader says

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Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan. — Twitter/NA of Pakistan
Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan. — Twitter/NA of Pakistan

  • Ali Muhammad Khan assures dissident MPs of resolving issues.
  • Khan says no PTI member has reservations with PM Imran Khan.
  • State minister says PM Imran Khan going nowhere.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan has said that a majority of the ruling PTI members of National Assembly (MNAs) have "genuine" reservations with the government.

"The majority did not take money, they are just upset with the government. But some might have taken money," the PTI leader said while speaking in a talk show on a private television channel.

As the session for the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan draws close, several PTI lawmakers have expressed reservations — and some have announced to switch camps.

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The government's ally in the Centre, the Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA), has assured PM Imran Khan of complete support ahead of the no-trust motion, while other allies — BAP, MQM-P, and PML-Q — are still indecisive.

In response to a question, the state minister said no PTI member could be forced out of the party and assured that he and the party's chief whip in the NA, Amir Dogar, would resolve the issues of the dissident MNAs.

"We will try to resolve their genuine concerns regarding the governance in Punjab," the state minister said, noting that PM Imran Khan had already told the government lawmakers that a leader is like a "fatherly figure" who seeks resolution.

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"Jahangir Tareen and Aleem Khan's groups are not angry with Imran Khan. Not even a little. Yes, there might be reservations that Imran Khan directed to do something, but they were not done on provincial levels," he added.

"But all of the issues will be resolved," he added. The state minister added that the prime minister would not be ousted and predicted that the Opposition's no-trust motion would fail.

'Return to PTI, I will forgive you'

Addressing a jalsa in the Dargai tehsil of the Malakand district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the prime minister said about two dozen disgruntled MNA's of the PTI — who had "sought refuge" at the Sindh House out of the fear of the government ahead of the no-confidence motion against the premier — that he is ready to forgive the dissident MNAs given that they rejoin the party.

"[You have] committed a mistake by accepting a bribe from the Opposition," the prime minister had told them.

"A leader is like a father figure to you," the premier said. "Now, the nation has become exceedingly aware of politics because of social media, so even a child in the country knows that when a party member becomes a turncoat, there is money involved."