Video: When Shireen Mazari was arrested

Ex-human rights minister and senior PTI leader Shireen Mazari was arrested today afternoon in Islamabad

Ayaz Akbar Yousafzai

ISLAMABAD: Punjab’s anti-corruption department arrested ex-human rights minister and senior PTI leader Shireen Mazari Saturday afternoon from the federal capital, according to Islamabad Police, in a case pertaining to land encroachment.

Geo News has obtained the exclusive footage of Mazari being arrested by the law enforcement agency (LEA), which showed the ex-human rights minister getting into a heated debate with the police before finally giving in.

Several female officials could be seen standing beside the PTI leader's vehicle, asking her to step outside her car. She, however, could be seen resisting the arrest. 

"No, I don't want to talk to you [...] No, you're not going to take my phone," Mazari could be seen telling a female police official, who was asking her to step off the vehicle and speak to her.

As the female police official started dragging Mazari out of the car, the ex-minister told her driver to call her daughter, "Imaan bibi". 

The video further shows that two officers grabbed the ex-human rights minister, while a male officer could be seen telling Mazari: "Ma'am, there is no issue, please come out we can talk about it."

As this happened, the female officers successfully pulled the PTI leader out of the car.

Once she was out, Mazari told the cops: "Don't you take my phone you [obscenity]."