Sunday May 29 2022
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Matthew McConaughey visits hometown of Uvalde, Texas after school shooting

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Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey returned to his hometown of Uvalde, Texas following the mass shooting at school earlier this week.

On Friday May 27, the Interstellar actor joined Rep. Tony Gonzales as he visited with families and those affected by the tragedy, including parents who lost their kids during the shooting and staff in the city's school district.

On Tuesday, the horrifying mass shooting at Robb Elementary School killed 21 people including 19 students and two adults.

McConaughey, 52, paid a visit to the grieving community at Uvalde Civic Centre. "Thank you Matthew for helping to heal our community. Your visit brought so many smiling faces to Uvalde. See you soon, my friend," Gonzales, 41, wrote on Twitter and posted pictures of his visit.

The Dallas Buyers Club actor’s trip came after he shared a heartfelt statement in response to the attack. “As you all are aware there was another mass shooting today, this time in my hometown of Uvalde, Texas,” he said.

"Once again, we have tragically proven that we are failing to be responsible for the rights our freedoms grant us," he wrote in part.

"This is an epidemic we can control, and whichever side of the aisle we may stand on, we all know we can do better. We must do better," McConaughey added.

"Action must be taken so that no parent has to experience what the parents in Uvalde and the others before them have endured," he said.