Monday Jul 04 2022
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Shakira threatens to expose Gerard Pique’s secrets amid custody battle

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Shakira has threatened to expose "secrets" of former partner Gerard Pique if he would not let her take their kids to Miami.

The Waka Waka singer recently met with the sports star in order to find a solution as they continue to battle over their kids, Sasha and Milan’s custody as per a report published by Spanish newspaper Marca.

However, the footballer refused to let the singer take their children to Florida and as a reaction Shakira is now planning to use the “trump card.”

"She has realised that she didn't know the man she was living with," an insider revealed to Informalia. "She's not going to stop."

The source said that one of the reasons that the 45-year-old singer does not want to live in Barcelone is because she cannot stand living so close to Pique’s family.

"She's willing to do anything," the source added. "She was no stranger to Pique's playing around, but she never thought that he had been unfaithful since the year they had met."

“She's going to have to play a trump card," the source continued. "That's why she now has people scraping around for information and putting together an in-depth report on Pique, with all of the information of his behaviour.”

“There are some surprises that won't leave anybody indifferent to the case. They know things that will hurt him a lot, and not only regarding the couple of family matters," the report further revealed.

The source said that people who know Shakira say that Pique "has made himself an unwanted enemy" and he is aware of the damage she can do to his reputation.

The couple announced their separation earlier this month and has been tackling issues related to their children’s custody since.

Now, both the parties have handed over the matter to their respective lawyers.