Attack on school van in Swat kills driver, injures student

The police said that a search operation is being carried out in the area to arrest the suspect

Mehboob Ali
Injured student shifted to hospital in Swats Khwazakhela. —Screengrab
Injured student shifted to hospital in Swat's Khwazakhela. —Screengrab

  • Gunmen attack school van in Swat.
  • Driver killed, 2 students injured in the attack.
  • Police are investigating the incident.

SWAT: In a shocking development armed men attacked a school van in the scenic valley of Swat killing the driver and injuring a student Monday.

As per details, armed men opened fire on the school van in Swat’s Char Bagh which killed the driver and injured a student, police said.

According to the police, the suspect was targeting the driver of the school van who was killed, adding that 10-11 students were present inside the van at the time of the shooting.

The police also confirmed that only one child, sitting in the front seat with the driver, was injured in the attack. They added that the child was out of danger.

When the incident was reported, it was said that two children were injured. However, the other child, who was reported as injured, had fallen unconscious after the shooting after seeing blood on the crime scene. 

The police said that a search operation is being carried out in the area.

Driver’s family seek justice

Following the attack, the relatives of the van driver staged a protest, demanding steps to restore peace in the region.

They urged the authorities to bring the culprits behind this attack to justice.

“We will not tolerate terror incidents in Swat,” they said.