Wednesday Nov 02 2022
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Twitter staff working 84-hour weeks, managers sleeping at office: reports

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Tesla Motors Inc CEO Elon Musk talks about Teslas new battery swapping program in Hawthorne, California June 20, 2013. — Reuters
Tesla Motors Inc CEO Elon Musk talks about Tesla's new battery swapping program in Hawthorne, California June 20, 2013. — Reuters

A shocking report by CNBC said that Twitter staff has had to put extra-long hours into work since billionaire Elon Musk took over. There are already looming fears of layoffs in the company with Musk's plans for overhaul.

Managers at the tech firm have asked some of the employees to work 12-hour shifts seven days a week which is 84 hours a week, to meet the tech mogul's deadlines, Insider quoted CNBC as reporting.

Citing internal communications, the report said that tasks were assigned Friday which some people believe are to test the staff's hard-working attitude.

The $44 billion purchase of the social media platform has sent waves of concerns about layoffs all across the company. Previous reports revealed that some of Twitter's engineers were asked to work over the weekend as well on coding projects.

There are some major changes, the most recent one being the changes Musk is bringing to Twitter's verification process.

An Insider report cited an internal message from the employees working on the verification service that said: "The expectation is literally to work 24/7 to get this out."

According to the CNBC report cited by several media outlets, the staff is still not sure if they will be paid overtime for their work. They do not even know if working extra hours secures their jobs.

A separate report by CNBC also revealed that the Tesla CEO pulled out over 50 trusted employees from the automotive firm, mainly software engineers, into the Twitter takeover and overhaul.

People at Twitter are worried that their careers might end at the firm if they do not complete the tasks by the given deadlines.

A few managers told the New York Times that they have been under immense pressure to carry out performance reviews and other technical internal matters. The load is so much that they have had to sleep in the office on Friday and Saturday nights.

A person who was aware of the discussions at Twitter's headquarters last week told the Washington Post that Musk's team was planning to lay off nearly a quarter of the staff in just the first round of layoffs.