Bride refuses to marry after groom's family sends cheap bridal dress

The bridal costume she received from groom's family cost "only" INR10,000

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A set of bangles for a bride.— Unsplash
A set of bangles for a bride.— Unsplash

A bride in India's Uttarkhand threw a tantrum and refused to marry her fiancé after she said the lehnga, the traditional bridal skirt, sent by him was not expensive enough.

The girl from Haldiwani was expecting a "mehegna lehenga"(expensive wedding dress) from the groom but ended up receiving the opposite. She did not like the dress at all, the locals told Indian media.

This was yet another example of drama and emotion that the Indian wedding ceremonies are known for. The locals told the press that the couple was already engaged. 

The bridal costume she received cost "only" INR10,000. The information about the price tag was followed by a fit by the bride who wanted something luxurious.

On the other hand, the groom's family claimed that the lehenga was actually purchased "exclusively" from Lucknow, a place known for good quality cloth.

According to a report by the New Indian Express, the groom from Ranikhet works in the healthcare sector and the marriage was prearranged. The couple got engaged in June and the wedding was planned for November 5.

Invitation cards got printed and distributed soon after the engagement ceremony. While all the wedding preparations were complete for the big day, the girl lost her cool at the sight of the lehenga and refused to marry.

According to local reports, the groom's father offered the bride to use his ATM card to buy whichever dress she wanted but the matter still reached the police since the girl refused to calm down.

Despite the involvement of the Kotwali police, the issue could not be solved. After hours of heated debate, the final decision was to end the marriage. Though the police in Haldwani tried their best to resolve the conflict, the two parties soon realised the best decision would be to part ways. 

The marriage was terminated in the presence of two senior police officials.