Monday, November 28, 2022
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BBC has number of projects to offer Holly Willoughby?

“After the ‘Queue-Gate’ scandal earlier this year Holly felt upset by how ITV handled the situation

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Holly Willoughby is reportedly been offering a number of BBC projects after feeling ‘upset’ over ITV’s handling of the This Morning queue storm.

The TV presenter was the BBC’s guest of honour at an awards bash last week as the broadcaster continues to try and tempt her away from ITV.

The ITV star and her husband, telly exec Dan Baldwin, were personally invited to the Variety Club Showbusiness Awards by BBC content boss Charlotte Moore.

Insiders revealed how the broadcaster were keen to deepen their ties with Holly and had her in mind for a handful of upcoming BBC projects.

A source said: “Holly is very much a key target for the BBC and she was their guest at the Variety Club awards.

“Holly was wined and dined by Charlotte who is keen to get Holly on board for some of their upcoming big shows.

“Her husband Dan is on board and thinks Holly could make great strides at the Beeb.

“After the ‘Queue-Gate’ scandal earlier this year Holly felt upset by how ITV handled the situation.

“The BBC have made it clear to Holly how valuable they think she is and would love to get her working on more of their shows.

“The invite to the bash and spending time with the top brass is all part of the Beeb’s plan to woo Holly.”

Onlookers at the ceremony, held at the Hilton Hotel on London’s Park Lane last Monday, revealed how Holly and Dan left partway through the ceremony.

Love Island star Zara McDermott, who has started making a series of documentaries on the BBC, was also on the table and after Holly’s departure was moved into her seat to speak to Charlotte.

The Sun revealed earlier this year how Holly and her This Morning co-star Philip Schofield had been rocked by the backlash to accusations they skipped to queue to see the Queen lying in state.

At the time the pair apologised and refuted claims they had skipped the queue.