Wednesday Dec 07 2022
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Meghan Markle breaks silence over suicidal thoughts

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Meghan Markle has just worn her heart on her sleeve and addressed her suicidal thoughts within the British Royal Family.

Her admission came during a candid chat at the New York City gala for the Ripple of Hope Award.

According to a report by Express UK, the Duchess admits she went public with her struggles because she didn’t “want anyone to feel alone.” Especially in cases where “you don't see a way out”.

During the course of her chat, she also went on to reference similar feelings of isolation that many ‘surely’ felt during the wake of the Covid-19 lockdown but made it clear that it “wasn't an easy decision.”

The 41-year-old mother-of-two began by saying, “We all need to, when we can, if we feel brave enough, to just speak honestly about your own experience.”

“It gives other people space and courage to do the same,” Meghan also weighed in before concluding.