King Charles tipped to axe Harry to protect Prince William 'legacy'

King Charles III is threatened by Prince Harry disrupting the future of monarchy

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King Charles III will have to make 'drastic' changes to Prince Harry's position in the royal family with the release of new Netflix docuseries.

The Duke of Sussex, who has teamed up with wife Meghan Markle to talk about his woes against his family, will have to face grave consequences by the Institution.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told "Although we don’t know exactly what is in the docu-series, the trailers make clear it will contain attacks on the Royal Family and courtiers.

"The problem after Meghan and Prince Harry's interview on Oprah was how to respond. The dignified statement put out said 'some recollections may vary' and this had the unique authority of the Queen behind it.

"However nearly 50 million have watched it and it did enormous damage to the monarchy, especially the accusations about racism and mental health. Oprah memorably did not probe the Sussexes on 'their truth'.

"The choice is stark. Doing nothing, a 'business as usual' approach is highly unsatisfactory.

"Yet on no account could there be a point-by-point rebuttal of allegations or legal action by the Palace. This would turn it into a media circus.

"It would take an Act of Parliament to remove Harry’s dukedom and he would still be a prince."

He said: "The most likely option is not to invite them to the Coronation and, until there was a sign that there actually could be a reconciliation, ban all contact with them.

"This is drastic, King Charles is Harry’s father. Prince William will want to protect his legacy however, it is under threat and there is no obvious response!"