Sunday Dec 11 2022
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WATCH: Bride makes extravagant entrance on wedding, leaves users concerned

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The picture shows screengrab of a bride arriving at her wedding. — Twitter screengrab/fasi_zaka
The picture shows screengrab of a bride arriving at her wedding. — Twitter screengrab/fasi_zaka

Couples usually want an extravagant wedding entry on their big day, however, this one bride took it to another level by making an entrance inside a huge chandelier.

The video of the bride's entrance, along with her father, has gone viral on social media, with users calling it "extra". The video, shared on Twitter, garnered nearly 200,000 views and over 2,700 likes. 

The 14-second-long video showed the bride entering the wedding hall by standing beside her father on a huge chandelier hanging on the top of the roof. The father-daughter duo could be seen standing in the middle as the chandelier moved slowly while the guests took their pictures. 

"Please don't let this become a thing," Fasi Zaka, who posted the video, wrote in his Twitter caption. 

The video triggered several reactions from users on social media with come expressing concern for the safety of the duo while some found it "embarrassing" and "extra".

However, some criticised the bride for being too extra and spending too much money. 

Several other videos have gone viral of couples making unusual entrances on their wedding day. 

Recently, a newlywed groom came under fire for arriving at his own wedding in a coffin which was being carried by his best friends. 

The video was posted on TikTok and it soon went viral, garnering backlash from social media users. It was filmed by a guest at the wedding.

The video was captioned as: "Is this a funeral?? No, this is how my friend decided to walk down the aisle." It received over 8 million views after it was posted.

The video shows the six people carrying the coffin while the guests appeared to be confused. However, the groom coming out of the coffin surprised everyone.