Wednesday Dec 29 2021
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Watch: Ertugrul inspired bride entrance goes viral on social media

Web Desk

  • Video of bride making entrance based on Turkish show Ertugrul goes viral on social media.
  • Video shows the bride riding a horse while young men welcome her with sword dance.
  • It also shows actress Reema Khan taking selfies with bride. 

A video went viral on social media Wednesday, in which a bride decided to make a dramatic entrance based on the famous Turkish show, Ertugrul.

Pakistanis have gone crazy about the show — so much so that they are now reenacting the show at their weddings. 

The video shows the bride riding a horse but this doesn’t just end there. A group of young men welcome the bride with a sword dance, just like the show. 

The video also showed Pakistani actress Reema Khan taking selfies with the bride. 

The video garnered mixed reactions from netizens as soon as it went viral on social media. Some praised the creative idea, however, other users criticised the antic.