Tuesday, January 10, 2023

What new feature has WhatsApp introduced for its users?

Users will be alerted about the ability to forward media with a caption with his new feature

The picture shows the WhatsApp logo on a mobile phone. — Reuters
The picture shows the WhatsApp logo on a mobile phone. — Reuters 

Instant messaging app WhatsApp keeps bringing new updates and features for its users to make the experience better for them from time to time. 

The messaging app is once again rolling out a new update through the Google Play Beta Programme, bringing the version up to, WaBetaInfo reported on Tuesday. 

With this new feature, users will be alerted about the ability to forward media with a caption. 

The feature will allow users to push any type of media — images, videos, GIFs, and documents — to others by still keeping the caption, the app tracking website stated. 

"The alert shows up when an image, video, GIF, or document with a caption is forwarded," it said. 

Moreover, WhatsApp wants to ensure that its users are aware of the new feature by offering them the ability to remove the caption from the media during the forwarding process. 

The feature is available to those who install the latest update of the app today.

Delete for me

Recently, WhatsApp announced a feature that allows its users to undo the "delete for me" message. 

The users have often faced a situation where they accidentally click on the "delete for me" option instead of "delete for everyone" which has led to some embarrassing situations.

In case the user deletes a message mistakenly, he will have the ability to undo "delete for me" for a few seconds. This feature makes it easy for users to retrieve messages they delete by mistake.

The announcement of this feature was made by the Head of WhatsApp Will Cathcart on Twitter. "We've added the option to undo 'Delete for me' for those times when you mean to delete for everyone but accidentally deleted for just yourself," he wrote.

The feature is available for all users. "Every time you delete a message for you, a snackbar shows up with the “undo” button. In case you deleted the message for you by mistake, you have a few seconds to use the undo action to retrieve your deleted message," said WaBetaInfo.

The same feature is also available for the desktop version of the app as well as for iOS and Android users in the most updated version.