Meghan Markle using 'greasy pole' to tap into King Charles 'weakness'

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Meghan Markle wants revenge on Prince Harry's family.

The Duchess of Sussex wants King Charles and the rest of the royals to apologise to her for the UK misconduct.

Royal author Tom Bower says: "[H]oming in on any human weakness seems to me to be Meghan’s speciality. Just as she humiliated her own father and dumped her family and many friends, she appears vengeful against Harry’s family for perceived slights.

"Hence Harry saying last week that his family should apologise."

He then wrote in Daily Mail: "As someone who has climbed the very greasy pole that leads to success in the dog-eat-dog world of American television, Meghan can smell weakness a mile off and Charles positively reeks of it."

The statement comes as Prince Harry has publically demanded an apology from the Royals.