King Charles, Camilla marriage was ‘blocked’ by ‘some force’ in universe: Harry

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King Charles and Camilla tied the knot in 2005 around their kids.

While Queen Elizabeth II herself did not attend the event, His Majesty’s younger son, Prince Harry admits he was happy for his father.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, Harry notes how he and Prince William had sympathy towards the couple.

“We sympathized with Pa and Camilla as a couple. They’d taken starcrossed to new levels. After years of thwarted longing, they were now just a few steps from happiness…and new obstacles kept appearing. First there was the controversy over the nature of the ceremony.

He adds: “Then the Pope died. Bewildered, I asked Willy: What’s the Pope got to do with Pa? Loads, it turned out. Pa and Camilla didn’t want to get married on the same day the Pope was being laid to rest. Bad karma. Less press. More to the point, Granny wanted Pa to represent her at the funeral. The wedding plans were changed yet again

Harry then recalls thinking that a universal force is blocking the wedding of his father.

“Delay after delay—if you listened carefully you could hear, wafting across the Palace grounds, the shrieks and groans of despair. You just couldn’t tell whose they were: the wedding planner’s or Camilla’s (or Pa’s). Other than feeling sorry for them, I couldn’t help but think that some force in the universe (Mummy?) was blocking rather than blessing their union. Maybe the universe delays what it disapproves of?’ he questioned himself.

This comes as King Charles and Camilla prepare for their crowning in May 2023.