Prince William fears Prince Harry will ‘kill’ King Charles ‘just like Queen’

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Prince Harry has reportedly caused major panic in Buckingham Palace, as King Charles’ heir fears the Sussexes will kill their father, way before his time.

An inside source close to RadarOnline brought this claim to light.

They believe Prince William is ‘growing fearful by the day’ and worries Prince Harry may wind up killing their father with his admissions.

These fears come shortly after Queen Elizabeth was rumored to have died as a result of his attacks against the Firm.

According to the insider, “William is keeping a vigilant eye on King Charles.”

To make matters worse, the source claims, “[King Charles’] health is an ongoing conversation behind palace doors.”

For those unversed, King Charles has suffered through covid-19 twice, and also suffers from a chronic inflammation of the hands, which many have linked to edema (a kidney problem).

“William just cannot fathom how heartless and selfish Harry continues to behave when he must know their father isn’t in the best of health,” the source added.

Before signing off with the outlet, they also claimed, “His feeling is if Harry has a bone to pick, make it with him, and leave their father out of it.”