Sunday Apr 02, 2023
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'Squid Game' actor reportedly assaulted at McDonald's in Amsterdam

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Squid Game Actor reportedly assaulted at McDonalds in Amsterdam
'Squid Game' Actor reportedly assaulted at McDonald's in Amsterdam

Squid Game star Geoffrey Giuliano shared footage of his interaction with a McDonald's manager, who he claims assaulted him and refused to serve him for "being American."

The incident occurred on December 31, when Giuliano who played one of the evil VIPs in the hit Netflix series, was returning from a work trip in Lisbon, Portugal.

The 69-year-old actor said he was denied a veggie burger at McDonald's in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

In the video recording, there appears to be a male employee who shoves into Giuliano, before another male employee appears to raise his hand towards him.

The actor was in a wheelchair due to a knee injury he sustained during a movie stunt. He said due to his diabetic condition he ended up going to McDonald's as it was the only food establishment nearby at the time.

The actor told The Daily Mail that he would be taking legal action against McDonald's and the Amsterdam Schiphol airport, where the incident occurred.

He said: "It was conveniently 'closing time' as soon as they saw me. An older Indian McDonald's greeter saw me, politely put me in the line, and pushed me forward. However, when I started talking to my son Eden, a young manager heard my American accent, and suddenly they would not serve me. When they realized we were American, they would not serve me. The whole thing was due to an aggressive manager and another employee who obviously did not like Americans."

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