Wednesday, August 16, 2023
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Jennifer Lopez gets ‘uncomfortable’ when Ben Affleck meets ex Jennifer Garner?

Jennifer Lopez clashing with Ben Affleck over his ‘bizarre’ request to go on ‘double date’ with Jennifer Garner

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Jennifer Lopez has her reservations when it comes to her husband Ben Affleck meeting his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, as per recent revelations.

A report published by Closer Magazine claimed that the Air director wants to go on a “double date” with Garner and her beau John Miller which J.Lo finds “bizarre.”

The Mother star clashed with Affleck over his demand, telling him it is “offensive” that he keeps “pushing the idea” of the double date.

"Ben gets on great with John and has suggested couples' date nights to him and Jen, which they are both down with. But J-Lo turns it down flat every time," the insider revealed.

Lopez “finds it so uncomfortable,” but Affleck is confused why his wife is not willing to spend a evening with Garner and Miller which could benefit them in co-parenting his kids.

Jennifer Lopez gets ‘uncomfortable’ when Ben Affleck meets ex Jennifer Garner?

Affleck shares three kids with Garner, Violet, 17, Seraphina, 14, and Samuel, 11, and believes hanging out with her would be an advantage in maintaining amicable co-parenting bond.

“Ben doesn't understand why J-Lo won't give Jennifer and John a chance - he thinks it would be a lot of fun and great for the kids,” the source shared.

The ongoing situation “touches a raw nerve” for the actor-director as it's J-Lo telling him who he can and can't be friends with.

The insider said Affleck ”hates how they come across as anti-social when they turn down invites,” while revealing that it is “an issue that's not going away."

This comes after Affleck and Lopez resolved their marital issues before their first marriage anniversary but it seems there is new trouble in paradise. 

Jennifer Lopez bans Ben Affleck from having any 'photoshoots' with ex Jennifer Garner 

Jennifer Lopez has told Ben Affleck she will be keeping a close eye on him in case he reprises his role in Deadpool opposite Jennifer Garner, who is confirmed to play Elektra in the film’s third installment.

J.Lo will not let Affleck spend time with Garner just like "just like old times" if they reunite on the film set, an insider told Woman's Day.

J.Lo has also banned Affleck from having any “joint interviews” or “photoshoots” with Garner even though it is still not confirmed if the hunk will reprise his Daredevil role in Ryan Reynolds film.