Prince Harry’s attempting to ‘provoke’ King Charles

Prince Harry has just come under fire for attempting to ‘provoke’ King Charles

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Prince Harry’s attempting to ‘provoke’ King Charles
Prince Harry’s attempting to ‘provoke’ King Charles

Royal experts are of the opinion that Prince Harry has been working to provoke a reaction out of his father, even though it appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

Revelations and admissions about the Duke’s in the first Heart of Invictus episode has been refrenced by royal editor Victoria Ward.

She shed light into everything during one of her pieces for The Telegraph.

In this piece she said, “It is, perhaps, unfortunate that given the current desire to push forward and consign familiar gripes to the past, the series was used to launch another veiled attack on his family and the royal institution.”

She also said, “Harry’s claim that he had no support structure as his life ‘unravelled’ on his return from Afghanistan prompted the usual eye-rolls among palace aides who have long accused him of suffering from a selective memory and are convinced he will never put an end to the jibes.”

“Similarly, his complaint that the media did not cover the plight of injured military personnel returning from Afghanistan was bitterly contested, while, not for the first time, many military veterans and families of the bereaved questioned his motives.”

In an attempt to offer more insights into the possible thought process that superseded this, Ms Ward said, “Most of the series was filmed some two years ago, long before the publication of his memoir and before he demanded an apology from his family.”

“Fuelled by years of therapy, the Duke had hoped that by laying his cards on the table he would provoke a reaction, laying the foundations for reconciliation.”

Before concluding she pointed out, “Those phone calls, that apology, never came and it is now time to move on.”