What does Zoom's latest 'AI Companion' have to offer?

Dive into the plethora of new and advanced features Zoom's new AI Companion offers to give you that dream work-life

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This representational picture shows a woman working on her laptop with Zooms AI Companions latest features illustrated over the image. — X/@TechTrendsliv
This representational picture shows a woman working on her laptop with Zoom's AI Companion's latest features illustrated over the image. — X/@TechTrendsliv

Zoom, a popular virtual meeting facility, recently launched a new service with an AI incorporated into it, including a smart assistant that enhances online sessions, taking the remote-working experience to the next level.

This feature is particularly beneficial for remote employees who may arrive late to a meeting or struggle to stay attentive during boring meetings.

The Zoom AI Companion offers additional features beyond the actual meetings, which makes it an efficient tool for those who work from different physical locations.

In addition, Zoom has revealed that users can benefit from its new AI service after paying a fee that varies depending on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

Zoom's AI Companion's features

The goal of Zoom's AI Companion is to increase output, improve team performance, and raise skill levels. It can complete time-consuming tasks, speed up lengthy meetings, and help in case the discussed information during a meeting is overlooked or received late.

The AI Companion for Zoom can potentially make your work life easier with a number of capabilities, such as time management, reminders, and task management.

With the aid of features like highlights, smart chapters, summaries, and next steps for meeting recordings, the AI enables the software to process meeting recordings, enabling effective viewing even when attendees are not present and organising conversational segments with topic-tracking indicators and playlists.

Furthermore, it might assist you in catching up on what you missed during a meeting without interrupting the flow to inquire about the proceedings to date.

The conversational context and user preferences can also be used by Zoom's AI to generate written chat responses, enabling message length and tone customisation.

The technology can also write emails, drawing on previous exchanges to produce messages that make sense for your team. Both functions can be utilised to improve team communication.

Moreover, the new AI update will also help you be updated on the discussions that took place during the meeting taking long written chats, and offering an overview, saving you from having to go back and read all the messages to figure out what's happening.

How much does Zoom's AI Companion cost?

The new AI Companion from Zoom is a feature of any paid plan but the Zoom One Pro level plan, which costs $150 per year or $16 monthly, is the most cost-effective option, according to Pocket-Lint.

In addition to the AI Companion, the Pro package offers you access to Essential Apps, 5GB of cloud storage, and longer meetings.

Meanwhile, the Business plan costs $200 per year, while the Business Plus plan costs $250 per year. These add features but do not alter how the AI Companion functions in any way.

If using the AI features is your primary priority, the Pro plan should be sufficient.