Tuesday, September 19, 2023
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Demi Lovato shares how boyfriend Jutes in audience makes her 'nervous'

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Demi Lovato get nervous when boyfriend Jutes attends her concerts
Demi Lovato get 'nervous' when boyfriend Jutes attends her concerts

Demi Lovato recently spoke up on how she feels when her boyfriend, Jutes, is in the audience while she performs.

Demi is familiar with performing for enormous crowds and watching audiences on television, but she admitted in an interview with PEOPLE that seeing Jutes in the audience “still gives her butterflies.”

The Heart Attack singer acknowledged that going ahead, when it's a televised show or when Jutes is in the crowd, she gets nervous. "If it's like a televised show or performance, or my boyfriend is in the audience, I get nervous if he's there,” she said.

Demi also discussed her pre-show rituals while disclosing candidly how she gets those cheeky butterflies. She explained the specific tradition she and her band have before going on stage.

The singer said “We gather and take a moment to pronounce the name of the city or the tour they are on. It's a chance for them to bond and concentrate before giving a spectacular performance.”