WATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo dances with Al-Nassr teammates in traditional Saudi garb

The Saudi National Day will be commemorated on September 23

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This video shows Cristiano Ronaldo participating in a traditional Saudi dance with his Al-Nassr teammates while wearing a garb. 

Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo and his Al Nassr teammates have officially ushered in this year's Saudi National Day while wearing traditional garb and brandishing Arabian swords.

Preparations for the Saudi National Day, which will be commemorated on September 23, are in full swing across the Kingdom and celebratory ads and short films are taking over TV screens.

A short film starring members of the Al Nassr club, including Portuguese football legend Ronaldo and former Liverpool winger Sadio Mane, was released on Friday to commemorate the event.

In the widely shared video film, Ronaldo and his teammates can be seen dancing the Saudi al-Ardah while wearing the thobe, ghutra, and igal.

The customary performance, which mixes dance, drumming, and poem readings, marks the beginning and finish of important occasions such as religious celebrations or festivals, weddings, births, commencement exercises, and other joyous occasions, Al-Arabiya reported.

To celebrate National Day, numerous events are scheduled around the Kingdom, including grand fireworks displays, air and maritime exhibitions, and parades.