Sunday, November 05, 2023

Pakistan's Atif Butt wins 'Thaiger Uppercut 2023' Tekken tournament

After beating fellow countryman Hafiz Tanveer in the semis, Atif triumphs over LowHigh by 3-2 in final

Atif Butt after winning the Thaiger Uppercut 2023 on November 5, 2023. — X/@BNEesports
Atif Butt after winning the Thaiger Uppercut 2023 on November 5, 2023. — X/@BNEesports

Pakistan's Atif Butt won the Thaiger Uppercut 2023 Tekken 7 tournament bagging another esports win for the country on Sunday.

Atif, who reached the final after beating fellow countryman Hafiz Tanveer 2-1 in the semis, triumphed over LowHigh with a score of 3-2 to win the tournament.

The Pakistani star player continued his impressive unbeaten streak and secured the top position of the tournament with eight wins and zero losses.

During the tournament, the top eight players battled it out with LowHigh and Ulsan facing each other in the Winners semi-final with the former winning by 2-1.

LowHigh closely follows in second place with 7 wins and 2 losses, holding a solid 77.78% set win rate.

The tournament progressed through several intense rounds, with players battling it out to secure their positions. 

In Losers Round 1, Arslan Ash emerged victorious with a decisive 2-0 win over Patloars. The intensity continued into the Losers Quarter-Final, where CBM triumphed with a 2-0 victory against Ayorichie.

As the tournament unfolded, the Losers Semi-Final witnessed Hafiz Tanveer securing a solid 2-0 win against Arslan Ash, marking a pivotal moment in the competition. 

However, the competition reached its peak in the Losers Final, where Ulsan displayed their prowess with a 2-0 victory over Hafiz Tanveer, earning them a well-deserved spot in the subsequent stages of the tournament. Low High claimed victory over Ulsan to set up a grand finale with Atif.