Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘twisting’ Charles birthday invite snub for headlines?

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Harry, Meghan ‘twisting’ Charles birthday invite snub for headlines?
Harry, Meghan ‘twisting’ Charles birthday invite snub for headlines?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been accused of “twisting” facts to garner more attention after King Charles snubbed them from his intimate birthday party guest list.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex released an official statement after The Sunday Times reported that the monarch invited them to his birthday dinner but they declined the invitation.

The couple, while refuting the rumours, did not let go of the chance to bash the media publication for publishing false news about them.

Discussing the matter, royal expert Angela Levin told GB News that the California-based Royal couple is “twisting” the narrative in their favour.

"We've got an unknown, unnamed person saying all sorts of things. We can't believe a word of it. We're so used to them twisting things," she said.

The expert added, "But also The Sunday Times is a very respectable paper, and the royal head of that is also very careful and well respected. So I don't believe that.”

Expressing her support for the head of the media publication, Levin said, “I'm sure she's right and they're wrong.”

Speaking on how Harry and Meghan used their chance to question the integrity of the British media with their statement, she said, "That's because they've become so unpleasant.”

“They're so nasty," she said of the dup. "They're so awful about things. And also I call them eco-hypocrites because they're going so many times in private planes and yet they're telling us that we absolutely must not do that."