Monday, November 13, 2023

Sophie Turner gets back to 'normal life' after shocking Joe Jonas split

Sophie Turner apparently moved on from her divorce from Joe Jonas, as her recent activities were evidence of it

Sophie Turner gets back to normal life after shocking Joe Jonas split
Sophie Turner gets back to 'normal life' after shocking Joe Jonas split

Sophie Turner has seemingly moved on from her shocking split with Joe Jonas in September, prompting her to return to social media following the last post on Sept 6 about the divorce announcement.

Though the Game of Thrones star previously shared a Taylor Swift friendship bracelet on her Story, the actress recently posted her first proper post.

In line with her climate activism, the 27-year-old doubled down on initiatives like the Positive Power Plan to fight climate change.

"Hi everyone! I have been asked to spread the word about positive power," the British star said in the clip.

Adding, "And on doing the research and noticing the very clear effects of global warming, it's something that I really wanted to raise awareness for."

She continued, "To make changes, and to make a difference, we need to switch over, move over to renewable energy, and let nature provide us with power — and not just power, positive power."

She noted, "It's not impossible. The new Positive Power Plan has it all worked out in fair and safe ways to help millions of people like you and me."

Concluding the video, the X-Men star said, "The more of us that ask, the more they're likely to listen."

Earlier, Sophie stoked wild speculation after she was snapped locking lips with Briitish aristocrat Peregrine "Perry" Pearson.