Thursday, November 30, 2023

Kanye West on Los Angeles: 'He's not a fan of the city'

Kanye West's alleged views about Los Angeles have been revealed

Kanye West on Los Angeles: Hes not a fan of the city
Kanye West on Los Angeles: 'He's not a fan of the city'

Despite Yeezy headquarters in Los Angeles and a home in the city, Kanye West is reportedly not a huge fan of the California city.

Spilling beans on the Chicago rapstar's views on the city, a bird chirped to The Mirror, "Ye has loved being out of LA, he's never been a huge fan of the city and has no immediate plans to return, despite having a place here and his Yeezy HQ."

Then, the insider revealed the pair's Christmas holiday plans, "Bianca has spent time back in Australia, and they're getting back on track and planning what to do for the holidays."

It continued, "There is talk of them returning to Italy in the next few weeks where he's renting a place and having Kim fly the kids there, but it's up in the air at the minute."

Though enjoying joint custody, Ye seemingly does not reported to have spend time with the rest of the kids, bar North West, after the divorce settlement.

"He hasn't had all four children in a while, so it may just be the older ones, who are always accompanied by Kim's security and a nanny, but he does want to see them," the source added.