Monday, December 04, 2023
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David Beckham’s 'cute little roast dinner for one' tickles fussy eater Victoria’s heart

The clip captures David Beckham meticulously preparing a "cute little roast dinner for one" on a casual Monday

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Screengrabs of Victoria Beckhams Instagram story.—Instagram@VictoriaBeckham
Screengrabs of Victoria Beckham's Instagram story.—Instagram@VictoriaBeckham

In a delightful detour from his hectic schedule, football legend David Beckham showcased his culinary skills in a recent Instagram video shared by his wife, Victoria Beckham. 

The clip captures Beckham meticulously preparing a "cute little roast dinner for one" on a casual Monday. Surrounded by an array of roasted vegetables – including carrots, potatoes, beetroot, mushrooms, and asparagus – next to a succulent chicken, the video reflects David's dedication to crafting a delightful solo meal.

As Victoria humorously introduces the video, saying, "Dave, you made yourself a cute little roast dinner just for one," David responds with laughter, acknowledging, "Yeah, it is sad." Victoria, appreciating his efforts, counters, "It is not sad; it is cute. Look, all the kids have got plans. I will have something else. That is the cutest thing."

In a subsequent Instagram slide, Victoria offers a glimpse of David enjoying his meal at a table adorned with the delicious spread and a glass of red wine. She expresses her joy in the caption, stating, "Warms my heart! (And makes me laugh)," and playfully mentions having dinner with the elves, referring to their family.

This culinary escapade isn't the first time David Beckham has revealed his kitchen prowess. Earlier, he and his daughter Harper Seven stole the internet's attention with "Salsa Saturday," where they prepared spicy salsa and scrumptious burritos. Victoria Beckham shared a delightful video, showcasing David's versatility beyond the football pitch.

David Beckham's journey into the kitchen has been a source of joy for the Beckham family, with previous culinary adventures and even a delightful encounter with desi delicacies during his recent visit to India. 

The Instagram posts not only highlight his culinary talents but also provide a charming insight into the Beckham family's moments of joy and togetherness.