Prince Harry's ‘legend of aviation' status ‘devalues' concept of ‘legend'

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Prince Harry’s living legend of aviation honor is not sitting well with royal experts
Prince Harry’s 'living legend of aviation' honor is not sitting well with royal experts 

Prince Harry’s induction into the US Aviation Hall of Fame has sparked much criticism form royal experts who don’t believe the Duke of Sussex has done much to deserve it.

Among others, royal expert Robert Jobson has made his objection clear about Prince Harry receiving the “living legend of aviation” honor, which will put him next to the likes of Neil Armstrong.

“He's hardly Chuck Yeager or Amelia Earhart, is he? It devalues the world legend. He fought very bravely in Afghanistan and served two tours of duty as a helicopter pilot," noted Robert.

He added: "I think it says more about the award system than it does about his status as an aviation legend."

This comes after the duke was snubbed by the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where he trained for 44 weeks to become an officer cadet.

The academy has left him out of a book which honors the 200 notable alumni, despite his brother Prince William having written the foreword to the book.

Many royal experts have shared their two cents on the probable reasons for the snub, with Richard Fitzwilliams noting, "Behaviour such as listing the number of individuals you personally killed makes it pretty clear why he's not in it. Personally, I don't think he'll be that surprised."