Queen Camilla not 'pushing herself' with King Charles family: 'Has her own'

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Queen Camilla not pushing herself with King Charles family: Has her own

Queen Camilla knows she has to maintain boundaries when it comes to King Charles and his children.

Her Majesty, who has a family of her own, does not push herself into King Charles’.

Royal author Robert Hartman tells PEOPLE: "She’s not going to push herself. She's still very keen to maintain. She's still got her own family.

"That’s very important to her, and she appreciates how important it is for him."

He explained: "She can laugh when there are either adverse headlines or there's some crisis or something. She's just an upbeat person. I could see her in a real crisis, I think she'd be a great asset."

Speaking about King Charles, the expert adds: "King Charles is a father who loves his son and a doting grandfather.

"One thing we don't see, and people weren't expecting, the King is spending a lot more time at Windsor than anyone expected."

"He's often there on Thursdays and Fridays. Obviously, the Waleses are within walking distance of the castle. He's never really had that sort of proximity to the younger family. Now, there's more overlap,” he notes.