Camilla stayed in room to keep an eye on Prince Harry when he met King Charles?

Queen Camilla reportedly stayed in the room when Prince Harry met King Charles following cancer diagnosis

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Queen Camilla did not leave her husband, King Charles, alone in the company of his son, Prince Harry, who travelled to the UK to meet his ailing father following his cancer diagnosis.

According to royal expert, Angela Levin, the Queen Consort might have been there to keep a check on Harry, the Duke of Sussex, who has previously demanded an apology from Charles.

She told GB News, "I suspect that Camilla will stay in the room because you don't know what he's going to say or what level of atmosphere he's going to create.”

Speaking of Harry’s UK arrival, she added, "There are very many reasons why he might be coming to the UK. One is that he suddenly feels in the depths of his heart that he's always loved his father and has made a terrible mistake.”

“Or that he can actually manage to get that apology at last,” Levin said, referring to Harry’s demand of an apology from the Royal family over their ill treatment of Meghan Markle.

“So it's an enormous spectre and it's difficult to know how it's going to happen,” the expert said, adding, "King Charles is not well, he has got a very stressful time now.”

"We don't want Harry to make him feel more stressed. I mean, he's had four years of Harry giving him the most terrible stress, which can make people quite unwell and he's got to think about it.

"I just hope that Harry finds something in his heart to forgive him. But if he does, then he comes up against trouble with Meghan because Meghan hates this country."