Colman Domingo says Angus Cloud was 'strong part' of ‘Euphoria' season 3

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Colman Domingo has opened up on how Angus Cloud’s tragic death at 25 may affect Euphoria’s season 3.

“It was absolutely terrible because we felt like we lost one to the disease,” Domingo recently told Vanity Fair. “And I’m sure it affected not only the creation of season three, because [Angus] was going to be a very strong part of it, but it’s … I don’t know.”

“What I know is that we will have a season three,” he said. “It will be challenging in the most beautiful way. I always think that [creator] Sam is examining hope and faith, especially when it comes to people who are struggling and trying to find their way. I know Sam Levinson and his heart, and I know he’s one of the kindest human beings that I know.”

Cloud, who played the beloved character of drug dealer Fezco in Euphoria, died in July 2023 from a drug overdose.

Further praising Cloud, Domingo continued: “He was a wild one. I love him. He was a wild little brother. He was just sweet and funny and warm and odd at the same time. And I love people like that. If you’re not a little off, I have no business with you. You got to be a little off to be up in my life. He was all those things.”