Jennifer Lopez wells up after shock admission about Ben Affleck

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Jennifer Lopez seemingly loves the supporting and understanding nature of Ben Affleck.

As fans will know, the 54-year-old multihyphenate previously claimed that she had always known that the Good Will Hunting alum was “the one” for her.

Also, her latest documentary The Greatest Love Story Never Told gives a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes moments from the couple’s latest musical film This is Me... Now: A Love Story.

One moving scene from Jennifer’s intimate documentary depicts the Aint Your Mama songstress bursting into tears as she discussed her self-love journey.

Gushing over her supportive husband, the popstar revealed, "What he said and what he saw in me, and what he made me believe about myself, only comes from love.”

She went on to confess, “Because nobody else could have made me see that about myself. It's very moving."

Elaborating further on her emotions, the wife of Ben Affleck said, “That I didn't think much about myself and so the world didn't think much of me.”

“That lined up. This is how it is. See it. Believe it," she declared after which the scene was cut.