Cristiano Ronaldo 'recharging' in Saudi Arabia with GF Georgina Rodriguez

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Ronaldo shares images of recharging in Saudi Arabia with his family.—X@Cristiano
Ronaldo shares images of 'recharging in Saudi Arabia' with his family.—X@Cristiano

Al Nasrr star Cristiano Ronaldo Wednesday shared images spending quality time with his family in Saudi Arabia.

In the images shared on photo-video sharing platform Instagram, the star footballer can be seen posing with his arms wide open while bathing in the ocean.

In another photo he can be seen running on the beach with his partner Georgina Rodríguez. While in the third picture Ronaldo is seen with his whole family. 

Ronaldo is staying at – and endorsing - The Red Sea at the moment. For coverage of the coastal destination is the core project of Saudi national tourism, finishing with 50 luxury hotels at the end of the decade.

Skift reported that it is the most expensive hotel currently.” Today, a night at this hotel costs 1,700 dollars which dipped decreased by a Marriott deal during Ramadan.