National Puppy Day 2024: Pet parents here are 5 rules to keep your babies safe in spring

Critical tips to keep your puppies alive and licking in spring as world celebrates National Puppy Day 2024

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National Puppy Day: 5 sins for pet parents to avoid in spring season. —X/File
National Puppy Day: 5 sins for pet parents to avoid in spring season. —X/File

Vets have revealed that a large number of pets are brought in due to springtime hazards like accidents, injuries, or illnesses as this season can be a super busy time for pet parents, who can make these five common mistakes. However, we have some expert tips to offer on how to avoid making them.

Never postpone parasite prevention

It is crucial year-round to safeguard pets against heartworms, fleas, ticks, and intestinal worms. While many veterinarians and organisations like the Companion Animal Parasite Council recommend consistent parasite prevention, some pet parents opt out, especially during colder months. It must be noted that parasitic infections that develop later could not only cost the pet parents a fortune but also prove fatal.

Toxic flowers have no place in home

It has been found that many spring plants and flowers are poisonous to pets, running a risk, particularly to curious cats prone to pecking on foliage. Before introducing any bouquet or flowering plant into your home, ensure it's safe for your furry companions. These plants can cause drastic health issues, from mouth irritation to fatal organ failure. In case your pet has consumed a harmful plant, rush it to animal poison control.

Dangerous foods are a no-feed

As spring celebrations like Easter and Passover, tempting foods like chocolate, brisket, and ham are going to be in abundance. Pets may find it irresistible to taste the treats from Easter baskets or grovel for bits at the table. However, chocolate is toxic to pets, and other loaded human foods can lead to gastrointestinal issues or even pancreatitis in dogs. Keep all human foods out of pets' reach and don’t let the guests feed pets.

Be prepared for allergy season

Many pets suffer from spring allergies, often appearing as skin irritation and itching. If your pet has seasonal allergies, proactive management can help prevent symptoms from spiralling out of control. Alongside parasite preventatives, consult your veterinarian for an allergy management plan, which may include medication, shots, or lifestyle changes.

A vet appointment is unmissable

Spring is a very hectic season for vets, with many pets coming in for annual examinations and vaccinations before their owners take a spring break. Moreover, boarding facilities may demand updated vaccines, blindsiding some pet parents. Book a vet appointment b before planned travelling, making sure your pet is in good health and vaccinated before you embark on holidays.