Meghan Markle on ‘dangerous' path to losing royal title

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Meghan Markle’s efforts to advance her business ventures have been dubbed “dangerous” as the Duchess of Sussex could lose her royal title.

Meghan soft launched her brand American Riviera Orchard on Instagram last month, the same day as the Diana Legacy Awards. She also used her Duchess of Sussex title in the introduction.

"Meghan is treading a very dangerous path by setting up a new commercial project - each time she ramps up the commercial side of her life in the States, she risks losing her Royal title,” royal expert Tom Quinn said, per The Mirror.

Tom said the Firm is taking its time but Meghan could lose her royal title once they think the time is right.

"For now, the senior royals in the UK are watching and waiting – they don't want to act too precipitately in case they are accused of being vindictive. But when things calm down, a decision will be taken that Meghan may not like," he continued.

He added: "There is a deep distrust in the Royal Family of using family connections and royal titles to make money. It is seen as a potential threat to the very existence of the monarchy and threats like this always bring out the ruthless side of the 'the Firm'."